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Monday, October 19, 2020


We left off with the question of how the Deep State is using the tactic of dividing our nation to bring about their new world order/one-world communist government.  This is another one of those things  that I don't think we have to work very hard to recognize.


It has been happening mostly unnoticed for decades, but the most obvious push started in late May of this year with the released video of the death of George Floyd.  


A couple of things to note that have not made national headline news: #1 - ANTIFA had been rioting for several months in places like Portland long before the riots started in Minneapolis, and #2 - if you follow topic trends, specifically B|L|M social media trends, you will see that they start trending on Twitter and other social media every four years, EVERY ELECTION CYCLE.  


Why is this important to note?  It is because B|L|M is not the grass-roots social justice movement that they portray themselves to be.  As we discussed in our recent podcast about B|L|M, it is a political movement.  The founders are unapologetic about being, in their own words, "trained marxists."


Q tells us to "follow the money," and as we have previously discussed, we can follow the trail from George $oros, millions of dollars earmarked for changing how American police departments are run (along with other changes to American government and elections), routed through Borealis Philanthropy in Minneapolis, MN.   That leads us to May 2020 when we saw the video of George Floyd, which immediately sparked riots, looting, and the burning down of entire cities, all in the name of "Bl@ck Live$ M@tter," demanding "social equality" and "police reform."  


Translation #1: "Social Equality/Racial Justice" = rioting mobs trolling through middle class neighborhoods demanding "give us your house," "no justice, no sleep," reparations, socialism, and even to the point of celebrating when an innocent conservative man was stalked and executed while walking down the street.  The rioting mobs celerated "we took out another f'ing n@zi."


Translation #2: "Police Reform" = DEFUND THE POLICE.  They actually put forth legislation and calls to dismantle entire police departments and replace them with social workers.  


Where has this gone next?  Renaming streets, tearing down historical statues and monuments?  Are we tolerating our own way to descrutction?

Monday, October 5, 2020


If you ask a thousand people what the most crucial problem facing America today, you'll probably get a thousand different answers.  Some will say it's Trump.   Some will say it's Biden, Pelosi, Omar, AOC, Hillary, whoever.  Some will say racism, white supremacy, BLM, ANTIFA, commnism, economy, COVID, China...  Personally, I think it is division.


Obviously, the real root of all of the world's problems is the evil that Satan introduced into the world back in the Garden of Eden, and that is the root of all of the other problems, of course.  But what is going on right now  that is something at we can address and fix, as friends and family, as the Church, as Americans.   I have said several times lately on social media that this is the Church's time.  This is when we need to stand up and fight for humanity.   Satan in working in people more than ever before.  That doesn't take much effort to look around and recognize.  What does that mean for the Church and for America?


 Satan knows his future.  He knows that he has lost the war for eternity, and the only victory he can have is to take as many people to hell with him.  We cannot let that happen.  Pastor Tom has used the lifeboat allegory many times.  The Titanic is sinking, and people are drowning while we are safe in the lifeboat.  We should be pulling as many people into the lifeboat with us as we possibly can.   


We cannot do that if we are divided and fighting with each other.   Satan knows this.  Jesus Himself said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."  This is true of both the Church and America right now.  The dividing lines of politics has been drawn straight through the middle of the church.  There is less bickering within the church these days over doctrine and denomination than there is over racism, masks, and who loves and who hates the President.  If we are this busy fighting against each other, we will not have the focus to fight Satan.


So, we have Satan's ultimate plan to bring as many human souls to eternal hell with him as possible, and his strategy is to divide the Church so that we are fighting between ourselves and not against him, and we also have this tactic being used on another front: our country.   


First, let us remember who is behind this...  the Globalist Deep State, the Swamp, which includes many corrupt leaders, mostly in the Democrat Party, but also many in the Republican Party, other world leaders and corrupt regimes.   If we remember that they are all the same group, we can recognize each of these separate entities as different tentacles of the same evil octopus.  Like we said in our first Mind Control video, just like employees who all work in different departments at the same Walmart. 


Second, let's not forget their end goal: a one-world, communist government, which also requires the destruction of America.  We are one of the last nations standing in freedom and liberty, and I'm quite sure we are definitely the largest and the strongest of those free nations.    It sounds dramatic, but I do think it's true to say that the United States of America is the last bastion on freedom on this planet standing in the way of global communism and the eventual enslavement of humanity.  


Most Christian political scholars agree that the Deep State's one-world communist government completely coincides with the one-world rule under the antichrist predicted in the books of Daniel and Revelation in the BIble.   We can definitely agree that the same forces behind what is dividing the Church is what is behind what is dividing our country.


How are they doing that???