What is Q Anon?  Who is Q Anon?  Are they really a r@cist, white supremaci$t h@te group like the mainstream media tells us?  Or could they really be legitimate?  What if they reall are a group of patriots working with the Trump administration to help him drain the swamp and bring an end to the evil forces trying ot destroy America?


**Oct 19, 2020 Update**



Last Thursday, October 15, YouTube finally hit the panic button that we were all dreading.  37 channels were terminated, completely, including most of the channels that we link to below.  We have updated the links so that instead of linking to their various YT channels, they will link directly to their individual websites.  Some of them require subscriptions to view some of their content, but we still recommend checking them out as much as possible.   

We addressed this purge in the podcast below.   If the media establishment is going through such effort to keep us from hearing information, this tells me that it's probably the information that we should be hearing.


Q Anon Podcast: "The Purge"


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